Current Status - Happily Employed!

I am not looking for work at this time. Please check back at another date.

I am not willing to relocate without a significant incentive (currently in San Jose, CA). Please do not contact me about positions outside of the SF Bay Area.


Now in many formats:

Jon Mayo / Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with over ten years experience developing embedded products running Linux, QNX and vxWorks. I have worked on everything from communications to storage systems, from consumer products to enterprise servers. I desire to work with talented people on products that strive to achieve the best quality possible.

I am experienced at developing UNIX drivers and applications (Linux, BSD, Solaris), embedded systems and networking appliances. I have also used many different processor architectures, including PowerPC, MIPS, ARM, dual core ARM/Cortex-A9, multi-processor x86/i386 and x86-64/AMD64.

Jon Mayo <jon.mayo at>




June 2010 — Present

NVIDIA Corporation
2701 San Tomas Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Job Description

I am a Linux kernel developer.

October 2009 — May 2010:

System Software Lead
Kakai, Inc
5155 Old Ironsides Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 300-8649

Job Description

Led a Linux platform software team to implement device drivers, services and core X11 components.

October 2007 — October 2009:

Senior Software Developer
Lab126, Inc.
a division of
20450 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Suite 400
Cupertino, CA 95014
Phone: 408-790-6400

Job Description

Platform developer for the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. Linux system development, build tools, bootloader development.

June 2007 – October 2007:

Senior Member of Technical Staff (MTS)
VMware, Inc.
3401 Hillview Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(650) 475-5000

Job Description

Developer for ESX Server product, a virtualization product for x86 platform running a custom operating system kernel with a Linux management console.

January 2007 — May 2007:

Senior Software Engineer
PacketMotion, Inc.
110 Baytech Drive, 2nd Floor
San Jose, CA 95134

Job Description

Create a new Linux based platform environment for a multiprocessor, clustered networking appliance for deep level packet inspection.

April 2005 — January 2007:

Linux Kernel Developer
Cisco Systems, Inc
170 West Tasman Dr
San Jose, CA 95134

Job Description

Maintain existing open source and proprietary patches for the Linux 2.6 kernel, as well as develop drivers for back plane protocols. Provided engineering support for about sixty open source applications, utilities and development tools. Automated GNU cross compiler builds for i386, MIPS64 and PowerPC.

Modifications to u-boot bootloader to support custom hardware, and enhanced with features for USB booting.


April 2004 — April 2005:

Linux Kernel Developer / QA Developer Agami Systems, Inc. 330 Gibraltar Dr Sunnyvale, CA (408) 349-0400

Kernel Job Description

Linux kernel developer for an enterprise NAS product. Applied patches from the linux community to fix bugs, including back-porting patched for newer kernel version to the NAS’s older kernel. Added a proc interface for statistics collection. Added ioctls to control nfs server behavior. Implemented 64-bit atomic operations for i386. Tracked down and fixed many bugs.

Kernel Tools

QA Job Description

Test developer for an enterprise NAS (storage) product. Implemented and maintained low-level data path performance and functionality tests in C, shell script, expect and TCL. Debugging of Linux kernel and custom kernel modules using kgdb.

QA Tools

August 2002 — September 2003:

Staff Engineer
Pillar Data Systems
2840 Junction Ave
San Jose, CA 95134

Job Description

Software Engineer developing high availability NAS and SAN storage products running QNX and Linux.


April 2002 — August 2002:

IT Contractor / Software Developer.
Pioneer Research of America
2833 Junction Ave # 100
San Jose, CA
(408) 437-1800

IT Responsibilities

Developer Responsibilities

Implemented the initial EPG(Electronic Program Guide) software for StingRay. (a set-top box personal video recorder)

August 1999 — August 2001:

Embedded Software Engineer.
DIRECTV Broadband, Inc. (formerly Telocity, Inc)
Cupertino, CA

Job Description

Embedded Software Engineer for vxWorks and embedded Linux. (Residential DSL Modem / Router / Firewall) Responsible for maintenance and development of various applications on the DSL Gateway including: DHCP server, HTTP server, software download protocol, project Makefiles, CGIs for HTTP server, bug fixes in nearly any part of the product (application and driver layer), design documentation for new products.